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This consultation is done using a combination of in-person interactions, and remotely via one-to-one Zoom Conferencing.

(Dates are arranged based on calendar availability and are agreed between ETC Consulting and the customer. Any traveling expenses accumulated will be the responsibility of the client).

This type of unique consultation usually involves heads of school, who need assistance in identifying where the breakdown in the system occurs. Although, they have a clear and accurate understanding of the financial aspects and administrative skills required to run the school, they need further coaching in overcoming the challenges involved in an authentic Montessori program. Often heads of school have difficulty finding the common ground necessary to effectively communicate their vision with the staff. 

Through their experiences and knowledge these heads of schools intrinsically know there is something wrong, but need further analysis, and data in order to identify, clarify, evaluate, and implement effective changes. This is where the expertise of the coach comes into play. We will match you with a veteran coach who recognizes authentic Montessori classrooms as well as what is required in order to achieve the desired outcome. Regardless of the school's structure (private, public, charter), or the level of the classrooms (Infant/Toddler, Early Childhood, Elementary or Secondary) we will ensure that your coach will provide objective and practical feedback, along with a plan.

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