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Blank Timeline - Timeline Maker Set of 4

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A set of four (4) blank timelines, printed on thick #46 bond paper. These blank timeline are designed for students to create their own timelines. Use them for:

  • Creating your own timelines based on subject
  • Based on time periods and ideas
  • Use them with ETC cards to show relevance and progression
  • Understand logical sequencing
  • Portray change and development

Time scale shown on this blank model is from 25,000 BC to 2,020 AD

Easy to work directly on the media by drawing, sketching, gluing. Timeline can then be laminated, or displayed as is.

The time span of these timelines match the ones on the ETC timelines, allowing students to line them up. This gives them the opportunity to visualize cause and effect relationships, as well as if this then that ideas.  

Dimensions: 18" x 9 ft. 


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