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Cell and Cell Theory

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Ideal for use in the Montessori Secondary I level: Y1 C1 Connections

This set of works fits perfectly with any guiding questions that pertain to the characteristics of all living things and the connections we have through cells.

Get an in-depth look at human cells along with the differences that exist between animal and plant cells. The research questions that are included with each organelle, appeal to the various learning methods of individual students, and include videos, along with advanced reading to help bring the applications of cell theory to the forefront. 


  • A Montessori secondary I approach to the cell and its organelles
  • Connections to Guiding questions
  • Movie access to the various organelles
  • Research questions
  • Advanced cards with processes and advanced reading assignments
  • Use of technology to access movies and reading materials is necessary
  • Teacher's Notes with answer key is available online for download. (May be downloaded at your convenience)

View the standards that are met through this material.

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