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Coordinate Plane Pre-Algebra - Digital Edition

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Based on the work of René Descartes, children embark on a journey that introduces them to the part of pre-algebra that is based on the coordinate plane. 

The curriculum contains 3 levels  with a total of 44 task cards. 

Concepts include:

  • Naming Quadrants and Coordinate points
  • Applying coordinates
  • Geometry and Coordinates
  • Introduction to transformations based on multiplication of negative and positive numbers
  • Graphing Coordinates
  • Scatter points and plots
  • Understanding Scatter Plots
  • Slope formula
  • Positive Slope
  • Negative Slope
  • Using coordinates to find the slope
  • Linear equations
  • Slope intercept form
  • Linear equations x-intercept
  • Linear equations y-intercept
  • Linear equations slope intercept
  • Slope 0
  • Undefined slope
  • Advanced Practice of finding the slope from two coordinate points
  • Advanced Practice of graphing a line based on one point and the slope of the line
The set includes the Teacher's notes for giving the presentations: 
  • Strike the imagination with René Descartes
  • Introduction to the Coordinate Plane
  • Graphing points of a Coordinate Plane
  • Operations with Integers
  • Negative Numbers
  • Using the Point Slope form to write an equation
  • Changing from Point slope form to Slope-Intercept form
Full Answer Key is included.  

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*Note: This is a digital edition and will not include the Acrylic Coordinate Plane Board. However, we encourage you to provide your students with graphing paper that they can create their own coordinate plane. 

Locate and download the file from the ETC Montessori Dropbox Server

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