Deluxe Natural Fiber Basket Assortment

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2.00 LBS

A collection containing 10 of our beautiful and most popular natural fiber baskets. These baskets are open and easy to access allowing children of all ages to see and use the contents. 

Please note: Baskets are hand-made from natural materials so there may be small variances in the color and dimensions. The basic shape and fiber does not change. Some baskets are tapered, meaning the bottom dimensions will be smaller than the top dimensions. Due to availability, we reserve the right to substitute baskets with other baskets of equal or greater value.

The collection includes: 

  • 1 Oval bamboo basket small (ELCH-HK7S)
  • 1 Oval bamboo basket Large (ELCH-HK7L)
  • 1 Round bamboo basket (ELCH-HK9R)
  • 1 Seagrass/bamboo basket small (ELCH-PM9163S)
  • 1 Seagrass/bamboo basket medium (ELCH-PM9163M)
  • 1 Seagrass/bamboo basket large (ELCH-PM9163L)
  • 1 Rectangular bamboo basket (ELCH-AX620)
  • 1 Two-tone round bamboo basket (ELCH-411)
  • 1 Round reed woven basket (ELCH-YZ3)
  • 1 Rectangular basket (ELCH-521A)

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