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Elementary I Curriculum Solution

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This solution is designed for those seeking to add a well rounded curriculum for their Elementary I class. It is assumed that the school has the hardwood materials they need and is only looking to supplement printed materials that support the hardwood, are updating their curriculum to meet standards, or are setting up a new classroom.

Our Elementary I Montessori Curriculum Solution is the only one on the market that fully meets the AMS recommendations.

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Elementary I Full Classroom Container Set

This Classroom Solution Includes the Following:


  • K-1 math concepts (ELC-3062)
  • Learning about Money (ELC-3012)
  • Introduction to Graphing Curriculum (ELC-3052)
  • Number Stories (ELC-3010)
  • Roman Numeral Overview (ELC-3011)
  • Egyptian Numeral Overview (ELC-3007)
  • Beginning Measurement Curriculum (ELC-3056)
  • Fraction Work Level 6-9 (ELC-3025)
  • Lower Elementary Math Task Cards - Operations
  • Lower Elementary Math Task Cards - Facts


  • Word study (ELC-6051)
  • Function of Words (ELC-6054)
  • Grammar Symbol Nomenclature (ELC-6057)
  • Verb Overview (ELC-6055)
  • Verb Conjugation Level 6-9 (ELC-6062)
  • Early Reading Activities - Animal Homes/Animal Young/Animal Groups (ELC-6052)
  • Emergent Reading in the Elementary Classroom (ELC-6058)
  • Phonograms Level 6-9 (ELC-6061)
  • Grammar Sentences to be used with grammar boxes (ELC-6056)
  • Developing Writing Through Grammar (ELC-6004)
  • Beginning Reading Curriculum (ELC-6053)
  • Word Roots - Beginning (ELC-03709)
  • Editor in Chief - Beginning 1
  • Editor in Chief - Beginning 2
  • Sentence Analysis Level 6-9 (ELC-6059)


  • Geometry Nomenclature 6-9 - Complete Set (ELC-3043)
  • Lower Elementary Attribute Work with Task Cards (ELC-3015)
  • 1st Level Geometry Task Cards with Triangle Chart (ELC-3061)
  • 2nd & 3rd Level Geometry Task Cards (ELC-3063)


  • External characteristics of vertebrates (ELC-4066)
  • Choice of: 5 Kingdoms Chart or 6 Kingdoms Chart (Working Model)
  • Animal Stories (ELC-4062)
  • Main Characteristics of the Vertebrates (ELC-4063)
  • Animal Kingdom Chart (working model) (ELC-4059)  


  • Lower Elementary Botany Nomenclature (ELC-4068)
  • Plant Stories (ELC-4061)
  • Plant Kingdom Chart (Working model) (ELC-4058)
  • Leaf Chart (ELC-4076)
  • Leaf Morphology Nomenclature (ELC-4075)
  • Large Botany Impressionistic Charts (ELC-4078)


  • Telling Time 6-9 (ELC-5004)
  • World Creation Stories (ELC-5077W)
  • Calendar Work Level 6-9 (ELC-5003)
  • Beginning Holidays 6-9 (ELC-5005)
  • Fundamental Needs of Humans (ELC-5074)
  • BC/AD timeline (TL-028)
  • Gods of Ancient Civilizations (ELC-5081)
  • Timeline of Life (Working model - Control, Mute, Movable Pieces) (TL-24W)
  • Research cards for the Timeline of Life (ELC-5072)
  • From Lava to Life (ELC-0429)
  • Clock of Eras (ELC-5073)
  • Timeline of History of Numbers (TL-023)
  • History of Numbers Nomenclature (ELC-5085)
  • Timeline of Creation of the Universe Working Model (TL-022)
  • Born with a Bang (ELC-0321)  
  • Timeline of Communication (TL-025)
  • History of Language Nomenclature (ELC-5086)


  • Coloring Paper Maps - Control and Mute (both control and mute are printed in color not laminated used for coloring)
    • Paper Control and Mute map of the World
    • Paper Control and Mute map of North America
    • Paper Control and Mute map of South America
    • Paper Control and Mute map of Asia
    • Paper Control and Mute map of Africa
    • Paper Control and Mute map of Australia
    • Paper Control and Mute map of Europe
    • Paper Control and Mute map of USA
  • Functional Geography Levels 6-9, Impressionistic Charts (ELC-5083)
  • Large Impressionistic Charts for 6-9 (ELC-5083C)
  • Giant Solar System Line w/ complete 3 part solar system nomenclature (ELC-5013)
  • Giant map of the world w/ complete 3 part nomenclature of Continents & Oceans (ELC-5002)
  • Flags of The World 2017 Edition Nomenclature (ELC-5006) includes: 
    • Flags of North America & Caribbean (ELC-5007)
      • Includes all State Flags of the U.S.
      • Includes all Flags of Canadian Provinces
      • Includes Flag of Antarctica
    • Flags of South America (ELC-5008)
    • Flags of Europe (ELC-5009)
    • Flags of Asia (ELC-5010)
    • Flags of Australia and all the territories (ELC-5012)
    • Flags of Africa (ELC-5011)


  • Physical Science (ELC-4053)
  • Lower Elementary Chemistry (ELC-4052A)
  • Ecology I curriculum (ELC-4049A)

Suggested Container(s):

Elementary I Full Classroom Container Set

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