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Elementary II Nienhuis Solution

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Full Nienhuis Classroom Solutions are assembled in The Netherlands and have NO BACKORDERED items. Quantities are limited and availability is based on importation schedules. These pallets arrive sealed and fully inspected. Substitutions are not able to be performed.

This solution is designed for those who are seeking to start a new Upper Elementary class or update their existing hardwood materials. This solution is comprised of Nienhuis hardwood materials and are AMI approved Nienhuis hardwood materials.

Our Elementary II Montessori Nienhuis Solution is the only one on the market that fully meets the AMS recommendations and comes with the famous Nienhuis calibration standards.

Discover what makes an ETC Montessori classroom unique and find value added services that will help you transform your Montessori classroom.

This item ships via freight Carrier on a pallet. Please ensure that you can receive a pallet. An additional charge might be incurred if you request a lift gate on the delivery truck.

AVAILABLE ONLY FOR THE US. NOT ELIGIBLE FOR EXPORT. ETC Montessori is the exclusive distributor of Nienhuis Full classroom solutions in the US.

Includes the following:


  • Long Division (009500)
  • Large Bead Frame (009400)
  • Checkerboard (013701)
  • Checkerboard Beads (0138M0)
  • Number Tiles (0138B0)
  • Decimal Checkerboard (018201)
  • Checkerboard Beads (0138M0)
  • Number Tiles (0138B0)
  • Flat Bead Frame (009900)
  • Algebraic Peg Board (013500)
  • Pegs for Algebraic Peg Board (013600)
  • Patterns for Square Roots (013401)
  • Binomial Cube (013100)
  • Trinomial Cube (013200)
  • Arithmetic Trinomial Cube (018700)
  • Cubing Material (018900)
  • Colored Counting Bars (019300)
  • Square Roots Board (013300)
  • Decimal Fraction Exercise (013901)
  • Decimal Fraction Board (014001)
  • Cut-Out Labeled Fraction Circles (018500)
  • Large Fraction Skittles (011300)
  • Skittle Stand (0113A0)
  • Bank Game (007300)


  • Geometric Cabinet (003700)
  • Constructive Triangles (004900)
  • Five Yellow Prisms in Wooden Box (0188B1)
  • Volume Box with 250 Cubes (0188A0)
  • Yellow Triangles for Area (012700)
  • Metal Squares 9 Plates (011500)
  • Fraction Stands (0114A0)
  • Theorem of Pythagoras (012300)
  • Square Based Prism (018801)
  • Rhombic Based Prism (018802)
  • Two Triangular Based Prisms (018804)
  • Metal Volume Containers (012800)

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