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Grammar Command Cards

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The grammar commands are an introduction to the grammar boxes. Each part of speech is highlighted in a simple command to be performed by the child. The set contains over 180 command cards. To further help children through differentiated learning, we have included two types of commands: basic commands and scientific commands. All of the activities on the command cards may be performed by the children using basic Montessori materials found in the classroom. 

Parts of Speech Color scheme make use of the following colors: 

  • Nouns - Black
  • Articles - Light Blue
  • Adjectives - Dark Blue
  • Verbs - Red
  • Prepositions - Green
  • Adverbs - Orange
  • Pronouns - Purple
  • Conjunctions - Pink
  • Interjections - Gold 

Traditional Color scheme makes use of the following colors:

  • Nouns - Black
  • Articles - Tan
  • Adjectives - Brown
  • Verbs - Red
  • Prepositions - Purple
  • Adverbs - Pink
  • Pronouns - Green
  • Conjunctions - Yellow
  • Interjections - Blue 

Look at our Language Flow Chart for Lower Elementary to see how this work fits in with the traditional Montessori grammar curriculum

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