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Montessori Curriculum Implementation for Homeschooling - Online

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As an organization that has developed programs, products, and services essential to the way Montessori educators teach and lead, ETC is the leader in Montessori curriculum. As homeschooling using the Montessori method becomes more important to many families, many understand the need for curricula that go beyond the simple three part cards often found on the market. In a well structured Montessori classroom, teachers guide the students in a way that encourages them to transition from concrete to abstract, and simple to complex. These concepts are often missed, misinterpreted or simply not implemented by many material publishers or parents who attempt to implement the Montessori method in their home school environments.

The true implementation of the Montessori curriculum and materials can only function inside the boundaries of one goal: to develop the full human potential. In doing so, we seek to promote and inspire academic excellence, promote discovery learning and imagination, and finally awaken the human spirit. These are the same goals that we implement with teachers inside the classroom.

Working closely with you, the parent, we carefully evaluate the materials that you currently use and if needed suggest changes or additions in order to ensure that a true Montessori educational curriculum is fully implemented. Additional assistance can be offered in how-to best implement or how-to recognize when is the ideal time to move to a different level. Our consultants will work with you to understand best practices and recognize sensitive periods.

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