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This consultation may be done in person or remotely via Zoom Conferencing, or Telephone.

(Dates are arranged based on calendar availability and are agreed between ETC Consulting and the customer).

This initial exploratory consultation is designed to provide a shared base of knowledge of what Montessori is and how it may be implemented in an authentic model. If you are planning on opening a new Montessori school, this open discussion will give you the foundations, and beginning knowledge of what is expected, required, and what your desired outcomes are. We begin with a delineation of what your envisioned structure is, and how it aligns with Montessori practices.

The session is divided into three main categories that further map specific areas of knowledge, requirements, and implementation.  

As part of the dialogue the following essential areas in running a Montessori school are explored: 


  • Physical location
  • Standard class sizes
  • Age grouping and it's importance, and 
  • Basic needs required to implement Montessori authentically 


  • Montessori Affiliation
  • Credentialing teachers


  • Initial classroom costs
  • Classroom layout
  • Curriculum

ETC Consulting does not provide any of the following services. If you are in need of such services, please contact our Houston headquarters for recommendations.

  • Feasibility studies to determine the marketing potential and possible success of your school in a given region
  • Work with State licensing on your behalf
  • Charter School applications and follow up

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