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Montessori School Improvement, and Evaluation

(Dates are arranged based on calendar availability and are agreed between ETC Consulting and the customer. Traveling expenses are calculated based on location, and arranged with the host school. An initial exploratory interview is conducted. Minimum of 5 hours, additional time in 1 hour intervals).

As an organization that has developed programs, products, and services essential to the way Montessori educators teach and lead, ETC staff and team members have a first hand understanding of what makes a great school. The faith and trust that one must have in the Montessori process, and the skills an administrator must possess in order to impart this trust of the process to their staff members. 

Working closely with your school and staff we carefully evaluate the current goals and create realistic expectations for future goals. The vision you, your board, and your parents have, is unique to each group. Therefore, it is important that we meet with each group or person(s) to find the common points that that can bring expectations, and realistic results to fruition.

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