Large Impressionistic Charts Level 6-9

ETC Montessori

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  • No Lamination Required.
  • Printed on Premium Thick Plastic and Cut.
  • This material is ready to start using. No other prep work is needed.

This package includes all the impressionistic charts for chapters 1-3. These are large charts measuring 12" x 18".

If you want to make an impression, then using these charts will enable you to get the idea across. If you require the teacher's notes for presentations and the experiments, please consider Impressionistic Charts Level 6-9 (ELC-5083).

Set contains 29 charts.

  • Chart 1: The Solar System: The Ratio of the Earth to the Sun
  • Chart 2: The Solar System: The Earth and the Solar System
  • Chart 3: The Cosmic Dance: Beginning of the Cooling Process
  • Chart 4: The Time of the Volcano: The Cooling Process
  • Chart 5: The Sun's Beautiful Daughter: Rain and Cooling
  • Chart 6: The Zones of the Earth: The Chemical Constitution of the Earth
  • Chart 7: Solar Energy
  • Chart 8: Fire and Ice: Movement on the Earth
  • Chart 9: How the Sun's Rays Reach the Earth: Perpendicular and Oblique Rays
  • Chart 10: The Sun's Rays Reach the Earth: Perpendicular and Oblique Rays
  • Chart 11: Difference in Distance of the Sun to the Earth
  • Chart 12: The Work of the Solar Rays in Passing Through the Atmosphere
  • Chart 13: The Earth Stores Heat: The Atmosphere as a Poor Conductor of Heat
  • Chart 14: Radiation: The Giving Back of Heat
  • Chart 15: Radiation: Dispersing Heat #1
  • Chart 16: Radiation: Dispersing Heat #2
  • Chart 17: Day and Night: Rotation and its Consequences
  • Chart 18: The Variation of the Temperature of the Earth's Surface in Relation to Rotation
  • Chart 19a: Circles of Latitude
  • Chart 19: The Position of the Earth with Relation to the Sun: Inclination of the Earth's Axis
  • Chart 20: The Seasons: Revolution of the Earth and the Resulting Seasons
  • Chart 21: The Seasons on the Map: The First Day of Each Season
  • Chart 22: Distribution of the Heat on the Earth: Astronomic Zones
  • Chart 23: Our Summer: Solstice
  • Chart 24: Our Winter: Solstice
  • Chart 25: Spring and Autumn: The Equinox
  • Chart 26: Torrid Zones: Equitorial Climatic Zones
  • Chart 27: Frigid Zones: Frigid Climatic Zones
  • Chart 28: Temperate Zones: Temperate Climatic Zones


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