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About Us
The mission of ETC® is to provide a unique synergy of services that benefit the Montessori and Applied Learning educational community as well as bringing awareness of the Montessori method to the general public. 

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Every year, we serve over 800,000 students, and over 67,000 teachers. In an effort to meet the various needs of our customers ETC Montessori partners with specific companies that we believe will enhance and provide value to the Montessori world.

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Where to Buy
The following companies are approved to sell ETC Montessori materials. Please note that some distributors do not carry our entire selection of items. If you don't find the items you are looking please feel free to contact us. 

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Montessori Teacher Training
Gulf Coast Montessori Teacher Education Center (GCMTEC), is AMS affiliated and MACTE accredited. Located in Houston Texas, the center was initially conceived after several years of our trainers working with other Montessori teacher education programs. The Director, Erika Ohlhaver, was also working with public school Montessori programs and realized that the previous timeline for educating Elementary I-II (ages six through twelve) teachers was not practical for the implementation of the Montessori method for new teachers. 

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Driven by innovation and how it may be beneficially used in the Montessori classroom, we integrate, and leverage the power of our brand, to bring teachers and students inspiration, creativity and new ideas on new curriculum, and activities that will allow them to function and meet the requirements set by the educational community of  the 21st century.​

MontessoriViews is an ETC® company. Our mission therefore folds in and is aligned with the greater mission of ETC® Montessori.

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