If you work with infants and toddlers, you know printed cards need to be a certain size. However, it goes deeper than that! No you cannot have laminated materials because children of that age will put things in their mouth. Lamination poses issues. ETC Montessori materials are printed on thick plastic so that you can wipe them clean, sanitize them and keep going. 


When it comes to objects, there is yet another layer of care that needs to be considered. Yes, you can find plenty of vendors that supply their paper or laminated cards with small objects. Small objects simply won’t do for this age group. Small objects pose a choking hazard. ETC Montessori’s objects are sizable, robust, and specifically chosen so that they may be handled with small fingers. Tested so they will not fit in the mouth or tracheal tube of a toddler.


Here you will find printed materials specifically designed to meet the pedagogical needs of children ages 1-3 for language development and acquisition. Used by AMI and AMS classrooms, each item is developmentally appropriate and pedagogically correct.


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