About Us


ETC® exists to make contributions in the educational world that will improve and positively impact lives. Our commitment is to provide schools, teachers, and students with the best Montessori equipment and curriculum allowing for an innovative learning experience.

Our mission reflects our core values: 

  • Nurturing and promulgation of Montessori pedagogy.
  • Fanatical attention to detail and consistency. Unequivocal excellence in all aspects of the company.
  • Creativity, imagination, and innovation in education.

Although our materials and curriculum are used by paraprofessionals, home school parents, tutors, and private entities, our primary customer is the Montessori teacher.

We remain committed to our original promise that the curriculum and the materials we bring to the community are not only inspired and written by Montessori teachers and designed by professionals, but also tested in actual Montessori classrooms. Our position is and will continue being that of holding the higher ground by producing the absolute best curriculum in a manner that fits our target audience. We are not poised or seeking a cost-effective solution, but one that provides materials and Montessori curricula that are professionally designed using traditional Montessori concepts, will last, and meet standards. Our product buyer focus is maintained by our network of dealers, designers, writers, and consultants.

We passionately believe a professionally trained Montessori teacher receives a unique understanding, and recognition of the nuances that are often involved with the Montessori pedagogy. Therefore, our materials are designed and geared towards our primary customers, the Montessori professional.  

Since our founding year of 2003, ETC® has expanded its reach, becoming a Total Montessori company with a goal of understanding, and meeting the needs of the Montessori community. 

ETC® Montessori is the largest and most reputable publisher of Montessori curriculum. It offers research based designed curriculum that bridges the traditional Montessori methodology with current brain research and educational practices. ETC Montessori's curricula is considered the standard, it is used worldwide, trusted by Montessori Trainers, and meets requirements set forth by major Montessori organizations. 

The Montessori Classroom, is the exclusive and only authorized distributor of Gonzagarredi Montessori materials in North America. Gonzagarredi is one of only four companies in the world that produce Montessori educational material under the supervision and certification of Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), headquartered in Amsterdam. The Montessori Classroom is a wholly owned ETC Montessori company.

ETC® Consulting continues to provide educators and schools with services that span their needs, from Montessori aligned curriculum, to best practices in and out of the classroom.

Gulf Coast Montessori Teacher Education Center®, provides AMS credentials to educators in the field of 3-6, 6-12, and Montessori Admin. Gulf Coast Montessori Teacher Education Center is AMS affiliated and MACTE credentialed.

ETC® Montessori DIGITAL in a partnership with some of the world's largest technology firms such as Google, and Locklizard, has brought the innovative approach of technology into the Montessori classroom while implementing higher level thinking skills in a way that today's youth can fully experience and take advantage of.  

MontessoriViews, has a mission of bringing ETC® content, news, and awareness of Montessori practices to the broader community and our clients.

Our commitment has and continues to be the Montessori child. Our team of award-winning designers, seasoned Montessori educators that act both as consultants, writers, and teacher educators, work closely together to ensure that everything we do, and produce, is not only of the highest quality, but also accurate, pedagogically appropriate, and esthetically pleasing to the child.