ETC Montessori Containers are used in most classrooms around the United States, including homeschool classrooms, to display Montessori as well as teacher-made materials. We at ETC have made a conscious effort to specialize in clear containers in order to offer teachers and students another possible way to showcase and present the materials.The idea behind selecting, designing and manufacturing these containers and displays was the possibility for allowing the beauty of the Montessori materials to become evidently clear, while strengthening the children’s connections and education.
Although we take the liberty of recommending uses for each container, we encourage you to take the time, look around your classroom and your your shelves. Each container has multiple uses, and may be used in a plethora of ways. We encourage you to use them in innovative ways that will allow and encourage visual sensory input, peripheral learning, and foster the development of inquiry, curiosity, and a love for the beauty of the Montessori approach.

Montessori Containers and Innovative Displays

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