ETC® 9 Slotted Sorter - Clear

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Product Overview

This plastic sorter is similar to our acrylic 5 slot sorter. However, what makes this one unique is that it has 9 slots making it easier to hold materials that have a large set of cards and booklets. It measures 4"w x 9" l x 3"h and is used for displaying cards, wall charts, and booklets in an attractive way. Children can clearly see what is being displayed and are encouraged to work with the materials.

The fact that it is made from extruded plastic allows for a more economical option. 


  • 9 sections
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Made from BPA-free, food safe polystyrene
  • Easily accessible to the students
  • Fits on any standard Montessori shelf
  • Allows you to compartmentalize various parts of the curriculum 

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