Today the ETC Montessori name and logo have come to symbolize the standard in Montessori curriculum and education in thousands of Montessori schools around the world. Every year, we serve over 800,000 students, and over 67,000 teachers. In an effort to meet the various needs of our customers ETC Montessori partners with specific companies that we believe will enhance and provide value to the Montessori world.

Each partner is carefully selected so that the products or services not only complement the ETC selection of curriculum, but our company's culture,  philosophy and most importantly the Montessori method that you have come to trust. ETC Montessori has never offered an economy line so you can be assured that each of the partners is a leader in their field and in the Montessori community.

To find out more about the various services and products each one offers please click on the logo of the partner. 

ETC Consulting

ETC Consulting Logo

As a a company, ETC Consulting is focused on offering consulting services that help schools through a variety of operating and organizational situations.

ETC's consultants and advisors have the understanding; awareness, network, skill and proficiency to successfully guide you and your institution on a variety of areas to help ensure a successful Montessori program. Every one of our consultants has years of experience as a seasoned teacher, administrator, or teacher trainer, or director of a training program. We have made every effort to ensure that our team members are second to none.

One of the areas that ETC consultants are particularly versed in are the unique requirements that many public and charter Montessori schools face in meeting standards while still providing a full authentic Montessori experience.

Gulf Coast Montessori Teacher Education Center

Gulf Coast Montessori Logo

The purpose of Gulf Coast Montessori TEC is to provide quality Adult Learning services in Early Childhood, and Elementary Montessori education to the community so that children will benefit from the philosophy and pedagogy of Dr. Maria Montessori by becoming knowledgeable, competent, and independent citizens.

The emphasis on curriculum patterns, developmental levels, and current educational research will provide our teachers with added skills in differentiation of curriculum implementation as well as a stronger understanding of Dr. Montessori’s philosophy as applied to this age group.

The staff at Gulf Coast Montessori Teacher Education Center (GCMTEC) believe that the betterment of society comes through education and understanding the differences that surround us as members of this society. We believe that education of children through the pedagogy of Dr. Maria Montessori is the best way to achieve this end. In addition, the staff believes that the framework outlined by Dr. Montessori allows for adaptation to meet the needs of today’s learners.

Montessori Compass


Record keeping, lesson planning, custom trackers, attendance, photos, messaging, calendar, tuition billing and payments and more! Montessori Compass, is the leading Montessori school software company. Montessori Compass has been selected to be the exclusive online record keeping software provider to host curriculum for ETC Montessori customers. If you are asked to have curriculum that is aligned with core or state standards, you can find all of the Montessori alignments from ETC directly in your Montessori Compass account.


ETC Montessori Digital


As school districts and individual schools take up new forms of technology and explore new ways of delivering content and instruction, ETC entered the digital market in 2013 with Project Metis. By 2015, we partnered with Apple and Google to provide materials in a digital format. This year, will mark the first time that we are beginning to make curricula and Montessori training albums available as digital downloadable items and digital subscriptions. 

The move to host our own digital content became increasingly important as school leaders continue to become even more conscious of new technologies that can engage students, and build on their academic strengths. As Montessorians we have made every effort to stay true to our roots. Our digital materials are  not intended to replace the traditional printed materials that are currently in the classroom. On the contrary, we want to augment the activities and provide tools that not only challenge students, but also keep them engaged academically, promoting deep learning. Essentially, we are trying to provide students with more opportunities for project-based learning. Discover digital content directly through our online store. 



MontessoriViews Logo

MontessoriViews, has a mission of bringing ETC content and awareness of Montessori practices to the general public, and it is our way of creating a community around the brand that we all have come to value. Get inspiration, ideas and helpful information on how to use the ETC Montessori materials, and containers so that you can create a beautiful and cohesive classroom.


TIME LogoThe Institute of Montessori Education (TIME) specializes in providing a professional organizational structure for Montessori schools in California and Texas. 

We believe that Montessori education has the power to bring about positive changes in the world, and by cultivating the natural evolution of its practice, we ensure that Montessori continues to make the most impact and that the philosophy transcends time. We aim to apply the Montessori principles of human development to the advancement of our organization.

TIME has partnered with ETC Consulting to offer consulting services that help schools through a variety of operating and organizational situations. ETC's consultants and advisors have the understanding; awareness, network, skill and proficiency to successfully guide you and your institution on a variety of areas to help ensure a successful Montessori program.