Nienhuis Classrooms

Exclusively and only at ETC Montessori:

Complete Nienhuis Classroom Solutions.

In an effort to provide you with better transparency, accuracy and above all customer service, we source all of our Nienhuis classrooms directly from Nienhuis International EU. This allows us to provide you with complete classroom solutions that do not contain any backordered items.


Furthermore, Nienhuis products being sold through ETC Montessori will ship directly from our Texas facility and/or warehouse.


Shipments from the Netherlands will be via Ocean and/or Air Freight. Therefore, please account for a minimum of 50 days 1.5-2 month(s) shipping time with ocean freight and 1-2 weeks via air freight. We highly recommend that you place your full classroom solutions ahead of time, or provide us with a letter of intent so that you may reserve your classrooms.


We will use air freight only if you are in a situtaion where you cannot accomodate the normal ocean freight time.


Note: All shipments via Air freight will accumulate shipping charges.


In an effort to maintain absolute transparency and keep our customers informed at every level of the process, we are committed to providing expected dates of arrival and shipping commencement. If there are items that are delayed, we will indicate those by updating and providing the new anticipated dates of delivery. Customers will also be able to see the indicated stock levels that we have procured, and pre-ordering will be open. We advise that you note the amounts and act accordingly when placing your order.


If you are a school district that has a contract with ETC and need to place a special order for multiple items, please contact our sales department to arrange a special quote and further information regarding the availability of the items.