Early Childhood 3-6

A ‘living room’ for children

The Montessori pre-school classroom is a ‘living room’ for children, a place in which they should feel at home and secure. Children choose their activities from among the self-correcting materials displayed on open shelves that allow them to learn through all five senses.

Provide children with an early and general foundation

The preschool environment unifies the psychosocial, physical, and cognitive aspects of the child. The purpose of this prepared environment is to provide children with an early foundation on which later knowledge and skills are built. This foundation includes a positive attitude toward school; self-confidence and a sense of order, and pride in the physical environment; abiding curiosity; a habit of concentration; habits of initiative and persistence; the ability to make decisions; self-discipline; and a sense of responsibility towards other members of the class, school, and community.

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