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Administrative and Leadership Workshop. Sept. 7-8, 2019

September 7-8, 2019. Houston TX
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Next Workshop: September 7-8, 2019. Houston TX. @ Wilson Montessori2100 Yupon Houston, TX 77006-1830

Cost: Cost is for 2 consecutive days, includes light lunch.

These workshops are curated and led by two of our most experienced and well known team members. Both Ms. Conroy and Ms. Bonnette have years of experience in public Montessori education and are well known throughout the community for their work in turning around schools, leading successful teachers, and empowering the communities around the schools. As administrators of Montessori schools, we are well aware of the work and diligence that is required every year to find inspiring and relevant PD for our teachers. However, these two workshops however, will focus specifically on the needs of Montessori school administrators and helping them find their own inspiration!

When designing these workshops, the three questions that often came to mind were:

  • Can we support principals as they strive to be grounded, focused, bold, and unafraid, particularly when it comes to the demands posed by a Montessori program?
  • How can principals’ professional development truly impact their leadership?
  • Can we encourage new behaviors that allow principals to make a genuine difference in their schools?

Based on these three fundamental questions, we developed a series of professional development programs, specifically for Montessori Administrators, that not only inspire but foster continued growth patterns long after attending the workshop. Our framework is based on current research which shows: 

  • Learning is personal and takes place effectively when working in small groups.
  • Principals who focus on their own learning foster more powerful faculty and student learning.
  • Principals face day to day challenges that often limit them from being able to see the big picture of Dr. Maria Montessori's  work, or unable to find the forest for the trees. Each principal has his or her own unique ship to steer and keeping the Montessori compass pointed in the right direction is always going to be challenged by the rough waters of daily demands.
  • Reflection is essential.
  • Open learning requires a truly strong leader who fosters democratic ideas.
  • Strong planning skills are essential for effective implementation of new ideas.
  • Protecting individual differences brings about effective learning.

Our workshop will look at the Teacher Education Program (TEP) framework, as well as the practical life applications of the framework, and give you the tools to implement them into your everyday life as a leader. The ability to align your leadership perspective with the expectations and verbiage of the teacher training framework will open a new, improved channel of communication and understanding for you and your staff.

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