Assistant's Workshop- Upper Elementary Level

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Product Overview

Friday, August 9, 2024

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (CST)

In person instruction, in a Model Classroom

Workshop Description:

This comprehensive one-day workshop, priced at $85 per person, is designed for individuals stepping into the vital role of an assistant within the Montessori classroom. Recognizing the assistant as an invaluable and necessary staff member, this program provides a foundational understanding of the assistant's role in supporting the lead teacher and the students.

Participants will explore how to bridge the gap between having little to no prior Montessori experience and becoming an effective member of the classroom team. Key to this transformation is awareness of the day-to-day activities and the preparations required to ensure a smoothly functioning learning environment.

The workshop delves into practical techniques and subtle nuances essential for assisting the lead teacher, tailored to align with the structured, child-centered Montessori approach. Additionally, attendees will gain insight into the basics of Montessori philosophy, equipping them with the understanding necessary to foster an inclusive, supportive, and nurturing classroom atmosphere.

Through this workshop, assistants will learn to appreciate their critical role in the educational journey of each child, embracing the structured yet flexible nature of the Montessori method.