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Product Overview

 Upper Elementary Refresher Course:

(Every teacher attending the course receives a copy of all Elementary II Teacher Training Manuals).

Cost: Cost is for 4 consecutive days, per attendee. Hosting school, or school district must provide a minimum of six attendees, maximum 24 + traveling expenses (Traveling expenses are calculated and arranged with the host school. Dates based on calendar availability).

Day 1:

An in-depth exploration, discussion and understanding of the characteristics, learning styles, and tendencies of that particular age group.

Classroom design with an emphasis on what the environment should look like, sound like, and feel like.

Concrete to abstract, simple to complex

Expectations from children moving in from lower elementary.

Math explorations.

Operations - Algebraic Thinking

    • Finishing whole numbers of multiplication and division
    • Introduction to Decimals
    • Addition and subtraction of Decimals
    • Multiplication of Decimals
    • Division of a Decimal

Day 2:

Continuation of Math explorations with concepts in:


    • Equivalency
    • Addition and Subtraction
    • Multiplication
    • Division

Advanced Math

    • Multiplication of a Binomial
    • Using Square Guides
    • Square Roots Concretely
    • Square Root Algorithm


    • Reading
      • Literature Discussion
      • Literature Analysis with a focus on discussing big ideas leading to peace education
    • Word Study
    • Writing
      • Writing Rhombus
      • Narrative
      • Expository


Day 3:


    • Three Concepts/Three Properties
    • Constructive Triangles
      • Triangle Box
      • Large Hexagon Box
      • Small Hexagon Box
    • Area
      • Yellow Area Box
      • Area of Rhombus
      • Polygon
      • Circumference
      • Circle


    • Great Lessons
    • Clock of Eras
    • Timeline of Life
    • Timeline of Early Humans
    • Timeline of Ancient Civilizations
    • Middle Ages Study

Social Emotional Development

Classroom Leadership

Day 4:


    • Impressionistic Charts
      • Chapters 1,2,3
      • Chapter 4
      • Chapter 5
      • Chapter 6


    • Biology
    • STEM
      • Physics
      • Chemistry
      • Ecology

Social Emotional Development

Classroom Leadership

Note: The Upper Elementary Refresher Course provide teachers with CPE credits that range between 24 - 36 hours. Teachers are often required by various educational governmental authorities to have Continuing Professional Education credits in order to keep certificates and licenses current. Please check with your state to find out how many continuing educational credits you require.