Math Refresher - Upper Elementary Level

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Product Overview

Saturday, March 9-10, 2024

2 Day Workshop

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (CST)

In person instruction, in a Model Classroom

Workshop Description:

This specialized workshop is tailored for Montessori upper elementary educators aiming to enhance their proficiency in teaching mathematics. The course offers a refresher on core Montessori math presentations adapted for upper elementary levels, with a focus on fostering a robust mathematical mind. Educators will explore advanced strategies for instilling confidence in mathematics, transcending beyond basic concepts into the realms of pre-algebra, geometry, and higher-level thinking.

Key Objectives:

  1. Advanced Montessori Math Presentations: Participants will revisit the fundamental Montessori math presentations, with a specific focus on their application in the upper elementary classroom. This segment aims to deepen the educators' understanding of how these presentations can be tailored to challenge and engage older students, building a strong mathematical foundation that prepares them for more complex concepts.

  2. Cultivating Confidence in Mathematics: The workshop will address the critical issue of math anxiety at the upper elementary level. Educators will learn techniques to recognize and mitigate math phobia, creating a classroom environment where students feel empowered and confident in their mathematical abilities. The course will provide tools for nurturing a positive attitude towards mathematics, emphasizing the importance of a growth mindset and resilience in learning.

  3. Fostering Higher-Level Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills: A significant focus of the workshop will be on developing students' higher-level thinking and problem-solving skills. Educators will be equipped with methods to guide students through multi-step problems, fostering logical reasoning and critical thinking. The course will also introduce approaches for transitioning students into pre-algebra and geometry, ensuring they are prepared for these advanced topics with a solid understanding of underlying principles

Workshop Format:

The workshop will be interactive and collaborative, incorporating a blend of lectures, hands-on sessions with advanced Montessori materials, and group discussions. Educators will have the opportunity to practice advanced mathematical presentations, engage in problem-solving exercises, and exchange ideas and experiences with fellow Montessori professionals.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is designed for Montessori educators working with upper elementary students, including those new to this age group and experienced practitioners seeking to refine their skills in mathematics instruction.


Attendees will leave the workshop with a renewed sense of confidence in their ability to teach upper elementary mathematics, a deeper understanding of advanced Montessori math presentations, and effective strategies for fostering mathematical proficiency and enthusiasm among their students.