Science in the Montessori Classroom - Upper Elementary Level

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Product Overview

Saturday, May 4, 2024

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (CST)

In person instruction, in a Model Classroom

Workshop Description:

This innovative workshop is specifically designed for Montessori upper elementary educators seeking to enrich their science curriculum. The course focuses on introducing complex scientific ideas in a developmentally appropriate manner, fostering exploratory learning, and continuing the study of weather and climate with an emphasis on cosmic education. Educators will learn to integrate real-life experiences and current data into their teaching, enhancing students' understanding of their impact on the environment.

Key Objectives:

  1. Introducing Complex Ideas in Accessible Ways: Educators will learn strategies to break down complex scientific concepts into understandable and relatable parts. The workshop will provide tools for presenting these ideas at a basic level, allowing students to grasp and incorporate them into their daily lives. This approach aids in building a strong foundation for advanced scientific understanding.

  2. Exploratory Teaching for Real-Life Science Experiences: The course emphasizes teaching science content in an exploratory and engaging way. Educators will learn how to create lessons that enable students to approach science through hands-on and real-life experiences, sparking curiosity and a love for discovery.

  3. Integrated Study of Weather, Climate, and Environmental Change: Building on the study of weather and climate initiated in lower elementary, this workshop will delve into an integrated approach to understanding climate change, global warming, and the greenhouse effect. Educators will gain access to diverse subject matter and actual data from organizations like NASA and NOAA, enabling students to apply their analytical skills to real-world issues.

  4. Cosmic Education and Environmental Responsibility: A key goal of the workshop is to bring cosmic education to the forefront, helping children understand the interconnectedness of their actions with the environment. Educators will learn how to inspire students to recognize both direct and indirect effects of their actions on the surroundings, fostering a sense of responsibility and stewardship for the planet.

Workshop Format:

This interactive workshop will include a mix of instructional sessions, hands-on activities, collaborative discussions, and practical demonstrations. Educators will be engaged in experiential learning, mirroring the exploratory approach they will use with their students.

Who Should Attend:

Montessori educators in the upper elementary setting looking to deepen their science teaching skills and integrate a more comprehensive, experiential approach to environmental education are encouraged to attend.


Participants will leave the workshop equipped with innovative strategies to teach complex scientific concepts, tools to integrate real-world data into their lessons, and inspiration to guide students in understanding their role in the global ecosystem.