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Upper Elementary Geometry - Area

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This is a complete collection for the entire work associated with Area in upper elementary geometry. Includes word problems for the following:

  • Area of Rectangles
  • Area of Parallelograms
  • Area of Square
  • Area of Triangle
  • Area of Rhombus
  • Area of Kite
  • Area of Trapezium
  • Area of Irregular Quadrilateral
  • Area of Regular Polygon
  • Area of Irregular Polygon
  • Circumference of a Circle
  • Area of a Circle
  • Area of a Sector
  • Area of Major and Minor Segments
  • Area of an Annulus

The study is set up to make it easy for presentation. The complete solution includes the following:

  • Teachers' Notes and Answer Key
  • Word Problem Cards with stem questions
  • Separate choice cards to answer the stem questions


Teacher's Notes and/or Answer Key

Look at our Upper Elementary Geometry Flow Chart to see how this work fits in with the traditional Montessori geometry curriculum.

View the Standards that are met through this materai.


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