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Upper Elementary Geometry - Task Cards

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This is a complete collection of task cards aimed at explorations and building understanding for the upper elementary geometry. Includes the following:       

  • Task cards for nomenclature review of the following:
    • Lines
    • Angles
    • Triangles
    • Quadrilaterals
    • Polygons
    • Circles
  • Task cards for Triangle Box
  • Task cards for Large Hexagon Box
  • Task cards for Small Hexagon Box
  • Task cards for the Comparison of Triangles from the Constructive Triangles
  • Task cards for the Comparison of Hexagons from the Constructive Triangles
  • Task cards for Equivalency Commands for:
    • Triangles
    • Parallelograms
    • Rhombus
    • Polygons
    • Trapezoid
  • Task cards for Polyhedra
  • Task cards for Pythagoras
  • Control Charts for basic geometry nomenclature review (All 36 charts)

Additional materials included

  • 5 Student Work-books on Geometric Constructions METIS ready (50 pages each)
  • Book with Puzzles for Geometry Nomenclature (16 pages)
  • 1 Teacher Answer Key with over 70 full color panels depicting how to work from the constructive triangle boxes (30 pages)

Take a look at our Upper Elementary Geometry Flow Chart to see how this work fits in with the traditional Montessori geometry curriculum.


Teacher's Notes and/or Answer Key

Crossword Puzzle Book and Answers


3 ETC Large Slotted Containers or 3 ETC Acrylic Sorters


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