60 Drawer Cabinet

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Product Overview

The 60-Drawer Storage Organizer features a multi-drawer design for storing the word study cards or the numeral overview cards and includes drawer stop tabs to prevent spilling of contents. 

  • Measures 15 inches wide by 6-1/2 inches deep by 18-1/2 inches high
  • Each drawer inside dimensions is 2" wide (5.1 cm) x 5 3/8" long (13.7 cm.)
  • Each drawer contains an optional midway divider at 2 6/8" (6.7 cm)
  • Wide frame has additional support for extra strength
  • Medium-sized see-through drawers with tab stops to prevent spills and easy-pull ribbed handles
  • Can be easily mounted to wall or stands on the shelf. Fits onto most standard sized Montessori shelving

Please note that it takes 3 of these drawers to hold either the lower elementary word study, or the upper elementary word study

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