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Art & Peace Education: Pandora's Box

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How do you teach peace and unity at the same time you teach art?

How do you help students to visually discover the duality that exists between peace and disharmony? How can you implement such an art curriculum without actually being an art teacher?

As Montessorians we build our classroom community based on these fundamental concepts. Peace education is a way of life that we try to instill in each of our students.

Pandora's Box is a an art curriculum whose emphasis is in developing the understanding of these often hard to grasp concepts. This is achieved through a unified set of art projects that are centered around the ancient Greek myth of Pandora. 

This curriculum was designed to incorporate a variety of learning styles, multiple intelligences, cross disciplinary concepts, and is based on current brain research. 

Students incorporate constructions, art appreciation, art design and development, music, media presentations, problem resolution, cooperative problem solving and peace education. 

Designed around 5 major lessons, each lesson is further divided into an average of 4 sections which allows you to implement this material over an extended period of time while allowing your students to further explore the intricate concepts that are usually associated with peace and unity. 

Includes PowerPoint presentation, teacher's notes, incorporation of technology, objectives, list of materials needed and step by step art method implementation. 

This is truly an art curriculum like no other you have used. Regardless of your artistic abilities we guarantee that you can use this. 

This curriculum may be used in IB® classrooms.

Manual has over 100 pages and includes teacher notes. 


Pandora's Box PowerPoint Presentation (The PowerPoint Presentation will be downloaded to your computer)


This product is now available as an e-book for Apple iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices, and through the Google Play Book Store for all your Android devices.

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