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Color Mixing Activity

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The Color Mixing Activity has been designed to get children to understand one to one correspondence, color identification, color formation, and differentiation. Each circle represents a formula based on the number of drops and color of each drop. Children match the color and the number of drops, place the napkin over the drops and watch the color changes take place. They can create circular rainbows with smooth color gradations. The set comes complete with a full set of bottles that contain droppers, and two sets of master circles printed on plastic. 

Beginning Activity: The colors presented are color box 1, so children are introduced to it and as the colors mix, they are slowly guided into color box 2. Match the number of colored water drops to the number of circles. One to one correspondence and color identification.

The set contains:

  • Three bottles with droppers
  • One plastic tray
  • Two printed master circles

*sponge and food coloring not included.

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