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Constructing 3D Pyramids

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Pyramids are three dimensional shapes whose sides are triangles, and they all meet at one point. The unique structure of the pyramid meant that more weight was at the base as opposed to the top. For this reason, it was possible to create huge monuments that for years were the largest structures in many civilizations.

This set of blackline masters contains all seven pyramids:

  • Triangular Pyramid
  • Tetragonal Pyramid
  • Pentagonal Pyramid
  • Hexagonal Pyramid
  • Heptagonal Pyramid
  • Octagonal Pyramid
  • Enneagonal Pyramid
  • Decagonal Pyramid

All black line masters come in two formats. The black and white models allow your students to color them. The colored model of each solid is pre-colored by us and is ready to cut out and glue together.

This item is also available as an e-book (pdf file) from our downloadable items section.

26 pages


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