Continent Stencils - Complete Set

ETC Montessori

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CPSIA Exempt
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Product Overview

  • No Lamination Required.
  • Printed on Premium Thick Plastic and Cut.
  • This material is ready to start using. No other prep work is needed.

Created out of 1/8” thick premium cast acrylic, these stencils come with both the inset plus the frame, allowing children to use either depending on the child’s motor ability. 

Use these stencils to replicate the hemisphere map, push punching continents, coloring continents, and continent identification.

The set includes the inset and frame for the following continents:

  1. North America
  2. South America
  3. Antarctica
  4. Australasia
  5. Europe
  6. Asia
  7. Africa

Ships with protective paper covering to prevent scratching. You will need to peel the protective covering once you have received the item.

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