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Different Fruit Same Color Sorting Cards

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In the ETC Montessori 9 step language acquisition and development program, this set of materials meets the requirements necessary to do the presentations for:

This sorting activity is aimed at allowing toddlers to generalize concepts. Gaining an understanding that an object can be represented in multiple ways is vital not only in their spatial development, but also in their ability to recognize, categorize, and express concrete observations.

All around us as adults, we take it for granted that a living thing has many different forms. However, toddlers need to be exposed to such experiences that will allow them to realize that objects (living or non-living) still retain the typical characteristics of their category. The items we have chosen to depict allow children to move from specific examples to general ideas. The bright pictures and vibrant colors allow them to enhance their vocabulary and promote independent work.

The direct aim is to allow children to do a two-category sorting activity with multiple cards. The indirect aim is guiding toddlers to begin thinking in broader and more general terms.

This set includes 18 cards specifically developed to introduce, enhance, and build vocabulary sorting through various groups of colors where each one differs in only one aspect, type of fruit.

Each card is designed to be free of distractions, so there are absolutely no words, or our signature border around the edges. Because there are no written words associated with any of the cards, they may be easily used and incorporated in a bilingual program. 

Cards are large, allowing for easy handling, and printed on our signature thick plastic with all corners rounded. They may be easily cleaned and disinfected at the end of the day using state recommended procedures. 

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Whole Card  5.5 x 5.5 in.  14 x 14 cm.


Bamboo Rectangular Basket 


Shallow Round Bamboo Basket

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