Equal, Greater, Less Than (Teens) - Set 3 Homeschool Edition

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  • Designed with our easy cut system - 5 cuts or less. Requires only 1 cut.
  • Printed on premium thick card stock. May be used unlaminated or laminated


Progress further with Set 3, the culminating segment of our enriching learning packet, crafted to guide children through the critical concepts of greater than, less than, and equal to, with an emphasis on the teen numbers 11 through 19. This set marks a significant milestone in the educational journey, as it transitions learners towards a more abstract understanding of mathematical comparisons.

Set 3 elevates the learning experience by employing non-color-coded numerals, stripping away the visual supports of earlier sets to challenge children with a purer form of numerical abstraction. This deliberate shift encourages learners to rely less on visual cues and more on their internalized understanding of numerical values and their relationships. It's a step closer to traditional mathematical notation and fosters an environment where critical thinking and number sense can flourish.

In this advanced set, children continue the interactive practice of completing equations by correctly placing the greater than, less than, or equal to symbol in the designated box. This consistent engagement with the materials ensures that learners are not only absorbing the concepts but are also applying them in a meaningful way, solidifying their comprehension and enhancing their ability to engage with numbers in a purely abstract form.

Featuring 10 cards, set 3 provides ample opportunity for practice, review, and mastery.

Ideal for home learning, set 3 serves as a bridge between concrete learning and abstract thinking, empowering children with the skills and confidence needed to navigate the world of mathematics with ease and enthusiasm. By completing this set, learners not only master the teen numbers but also develop a deeper, more intuitive understanding of mathematical comparisons, setting a solid foundation for future mathematical exploration and learning.

Card size(s):

Whole Cards  8.5 x 5.5 in. 
  21.6 x 14 cm.

About our Easy Cut System: These cards have been thoughtfully designed for effortless preparation, ensuring they can be made ready for use with five or fewer simple cuts. This streamlined design allows you to swiftly create a functional and engaging learning tool, minimizing setup time and maximizing your child's educational experience.


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