ETC® 3-Part Card Holder

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Product Overview

This acrylic card holder measures 4.32" W x 4" H x 2" D with a single cut-out in the front that has a width of 1.75" allowing for easy access to the cards that are displayed and contained inside. 

This beautiful container has 2 inches of depth allowing for a large number of cards, while at the same time fitting easily on your shelves. It securely containerizes the cards allowing for easy transportation from the shelf to the rug without any spills or accidents. Low prices means you can get enough of these so that you can separate the cards based on level, difficulty, or abstraction. 


  • Manufactured in the USA 
  • Manufactured so that it doesn't contain any glued on seams so there are no dangerous chemicals
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Crystal clear appearance
  • Manufacturing process ensures consistent look and quality