File Installation

Steps for Accessing your Files



If this is your first purchase of a digital document from our online-store, please read the instructions in this email carefully.


IMPORTANT!!!: It is important that you read the following steps very carefully.


1. Install the viewer app first. A link is provided below in section 2. Choose the operating system you are using (type of computer, tablet, or phone) Note: We do not support Chromebooks. 


Download the Viewer by following the appropriate link below, based on the operating system of the device you will be using: 


     1. iOS

     2. iPad

     3. iPhone 

     4. iPod

     5. Android

     6. Windows , and

     7. Mac devices.


2. To watch videos showing you how-to steps for installing the viewer on each platform please follow the link here: Videos for installing the viewer.


3. Register your license. The license is included as an attachment in the email you will receive after you have completed your purchase and your license has been created by our IT team. (This is the file that has your name and extension .llv) To register your license double click on it after you have downloaded and installed your viewer. Your license allows you to read the digital documents you have purchased.


4. Once your license has been registered, you will be able to open the digital documents. You will need to  download the document from your order, or you may find them in the shared Dropbox folder by visiting the link here. Note: You will need to have your own DropBox Account:


If you purchased Digital Documents: (Click or tap here)


If you purchased Individual Manuals (Click or tap here)


If you purchased Sets of Manuals (Click or tap here)


You are given access only to the files that you purchased. You will NOT be able to access any of the other files even if you do download them (documents that you do not have permision to view will give you a message that “you do not have rights to view this document and you should contact ETC Montessori”).


I5. f you have download the file(s) you purchased directly from the website, you do not need to worry about the Dropbox. If your download time has expired, you can always download them from the ETC Montessori Dropbox servers listed in step 4.  Please note that if you do not have a Dropbox account you will need to create one. If you try to open the documents from the ETC Montessori Dropbox server, you will receive an error message.


If you are installing the files on an iOS device such as your iPad, click the three dots ( . . . ) to the right of each document in the Dropbox. Select Export and choose LockLizard as the App to export to. If you are installing the app on your computer please see the video How-To above, for the operating system you are using).


6. This will trigger the file to be imported into the Locklizard app and it will be stored there. You can always find the document under the “Documents” tab.


7. The viewer app must be able to access the internet the first time you open the document, to verify your license. Additionally, your device running the viewer, must be able to access the internet once a month in order to ensure that your license is still active. 


8. Double Click, or tap on the file and it will open in the viewer you downloaded and installed in step 1.


9. If you have multiple licenses or seats for a single product, please note that you need to repeat this process on every computer that the licenses or seats will cover.




If you are a returning customer who has previously purchased ETC Montessori digital documents, you should already have a license. Access to your new purchase has been granted, and you should be able to open the digital documents you received with your purchase. The viewer app must be able to access the internet the first time you open the document, to verify your license. If you need to re-download any documents please refer to the links above. 


If you require any assistance with installing the viewer, registering your license, or opening your ETC Montessori digital documents, please contact us at


To view common questions and answers pertaining to our Digital files and how they work please visit the link here. Please remember that digital files are non-refundable.

Additional support may be found in the Knowledge Base provided by LockLizard