Grammar Charts Level 6-9

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Find all 31 charts used in the grammar presentations for level 6-9. Stories for these charts may be found in Michael Dorer's book The Deep Well of Time.

Includes the following charts and more:

  1. Function of Words
  2. Fundamental Tenses
  3. Diamante
  4. The Chart of Gears
  5. The Noun Family Chart 1
  6. The Noun Family Chart 2
  7. The Noun Family Chart 3
  8. The Verb Family
  9. I
  10. He, she, it
  11. They
  12. We
  13. You, Chart 1
  14. You, Chart 2
  15. Future Continuous Tense
  16. Future Perfect Continuous Tense
  17. Future Perfect Tense
  18. Future Tense
  19. Past Continuous Tense
  20. Past Perfect Continuous Tense
  21. Past Perfect Tense
  22. Past Tense
  23. Perfect Continuous Tense
  24. Present Perfect Continuous Tense
  25. Present Perfect Tense
  26. Present Tense
  27. Adjective chart
  28. Background 
  29. Movable Pieces
  30. Composite of parts of speech

Chart size(s):

Card  11 x 17 in.  28 x 43.2 cm.


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