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Large Botany Impressionistic Charts

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This package includes all of the impressionistic charts for botany. These are large charts measuring 12" x 18".

If you want to make an impression, then using these charts will enable you to get the idea across.

Set contains all 18 charts. 

  • Chart 1: The Tree absorbs minerals through its roots
  • Chart 2: Water Seekers
  • Chart 3: Boulder in the road
  • Chart 4: Position of root in relation to the foliage
  • Chart 5: From the Dead to the living: Nitrogen Cycle
  • Chart 6: The Piston Pump
  • Chart 7: The Sun's drink
  • Chart 8: The Sun's worshipers
  • Chart 9: The Chemical Laboratory
  • Chart 10: Seeds Travel
  • Chart 11: How Plants are Supported
  • Chart 12: Roots another Means of Support
  • Chart 13: How Plants Defend Themselves
  • Chart 14: Reproduction by Spores
  • Chart 15: Love in Plants
  • Chart 16: Go, My Son: Seed Travels
  • Chart 17: Roots Hold the Soil
  • Chart 18: The Terraced Mountain 

Take a look at our Science Flow Chart for Upper Elementary to see how this work fits in with the traditional Montessori curriculum

ETC Montessori DIGITAL Connections: 

This set of cards is now available as an iBook for your iPad, iPhone, or Mac. Also available for your Android devices through the Google Play Books.

Botany Impressionistic Charts

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