Locklizard Support

Using Locklizard to Protect our Digital Content

As a publisher it is imperative that we protect our content from unauthrozed distribution. For this reason we use Locklizard to manage our digitall rights. Locklizard is a leading provider of Digital Rights Management software. They protect our PDF documents from being copied or otherwise compromised.


By purchasing our digital materials it is important that you understand the following usage restrictions:


1. You will need a viewer to view the file(s) you have purchased. Please view our support page for the installation of the viewer

2. You will need a license to access the file after you have installed the viewer from the previous step. Your license will be emailed to you within 12-48 hours after you have completed your purchase. Please activate your license after you have installed your viewer. Please note that you should be expecting your license email from ETC Montessori Support Department.


3. Each file is Digital Rights Managed (DRM) for copyright protection.

4. You will not be able to print the files. 


5. You will not be able to take screenshots, change or copy texts.


6.  Your ability to share your screen will be limited. If you would like for your students to view the file with you, please consiser the purchase of additional licenses. We do offer license bundles at very affordable prices. 


7. You will be able to install the file on your primary device. Your IP address on your device will be linked to the file(s). 


8. The files(s) are viewable on:
     Windows, and
     Mac devices. (including Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iMac Pro, Mac mini, iMac, Mac Pro)

     We do not support Web Based Viewers therefore, you will not be able lto install it on a Chromebook.


9. Digital files are non refundable. We will not issue a refund just because you don't like the format or because you have failed to access the file using the appropriate procedure.


10. Telephone support is only available to Montessori Teacher Education Programs (TEPs) that are implementing digital manuals for their adult learners. 


11. End user support is only available through EMAIL. Please direct all your questions via email to support@edutc.com or explore the knowledge base available directly from Locklizard. You may also explore our frequently asked questions section.