Pattern Blocks

ETC Montessori

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Product Overview

Designed to inspire minds of all ages, this set is perfect for educators, parents, and children who are eager to explore the world of geometry and design.

What's Inside the Box:

  • 44 Precision-Cut Pattern Blocks: Each block is meticulously crafted, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

    • 6 Tan Rhombi: Ideal for creating intricate patterns or filling in gaps in your designs.

    • 6 Blue Rhombi: Add a splash of color to your geometric creations with these vibrant blue pieces.

    • 6 Trapezoids: These versatile blocks can be used to create larger shapes or intricate tessellations.

    • 6 Hexagons: The six-sided wonders are perfect for forming the core of your designs or for use as stand-alone pieces.

    • 8 Squares: A classic shape that offers endless possibilities, from simple grids to complex mosaics.

    • 12 Triangles: These foundational blocks are perfect for constructing everything from simple shapes to elaborate structures.

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