Short Vowel Rhyming Words Set 2 - Homeschool Edition

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Product Overview

  • Designed with our easy cut system - 5 cuts or less. Requires only 1 cut.
  • Printed on premium thick card stock. May be used unlaminated or laminated

This set is part of our Montessori-Inspired Early Childhood Reading Set with short vowels.

Designed to captivate early learners, this set is perfect for parents looking to enhance their child's reading and phonemic awareness through playful, interactive learning.

Product Features:

  • 36 Rhyming Domino Cards: This set comes with 18 beautifully illustrated large domino cards, each featuring 2 pictures. These cards are designed to be used in a game that teaches children about rhyming patterns in a fun and engaging way, using short vowel sounds.
  • Dynamic Learning Game: Inspired by the traditional game of dominoes, this educational variant encourages children to cut out the cards and use them to create a "domino snake." Players connect words that rhyme, promoting critical thinking and phonetic analysis in a playful setting.
  • Dual-Category Sorting: With two headings for sorting—items that rhyme and those that don't—children learn to differentiate between rhyming words and non-rhyming words, enhancing their auditory discrimination skills and deepening their understanding of language sounds.
  • Hands-On Phonemic Awareness: This set not only focuses on the fun aspect of learning but also on the tactile and interactive experience that is central to Montessori education. Cutting, arranging, and connecting the domino pieces foster fine motor skills, concentration, and a sense of achievement.

Ideal for Montessori Homeschool Settings: Our Rhyming Words Dominoes Set 2 is a perfect addition to any Montessori-inspired homeschool curriculum. It offers a unique blend of structured learning and the flexibility to explore language at one's own pace. This game is designed to spark joy in learning, making it a valuable tool for parents committed to providing a holistic educational experience.

Why Our Rhyming Dominoes Set Stands Out:

  • Fosters interactive learning, encouraging family bonding over educational play.
  • Supports independent discovery and learning, empowering children to make connections and recognize patterns on their own.
  • Enhances cognitive development, including problem-solving skills, phonetic awareness, and the ability to categorize and sequence.
  • Introduces a fun twist on learning to read, making phonemic education an exciting adventure that children look forward to.

Card Size(s):

8.5 x 5.5 in.  21.6 x 14 cm.

About our Easy Cut System: These cards have been thoughtfully designed for effortless preparation, ensuring they can be made ready for use with five or fewer simple cuts. This streamlined design allows you to swiftly create a functional and engaging learning tool, minimizing setup time and maximizing your child's educational experience.