Study of Circles Template

ETC Montessori

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Product Overview

Provides a template that gives the children the ability to draw and work with a variety of circles. This stencil allows children to work with the following Concepts:

Nomenclature of a circle:

  1. Surface of a circle
  2. chord
  3. Circumference
  4. Arc
  5. Segment of a circle

Relationship of a circle with a line:

  1. External Straight Line
  2. Tangent
  3. Secant

Relationship between two circles:

  1. External Circle
  2. Externally Tangent
  3. Internal Circle
  4. Internally Tangent
  5. Secant
  6. Concentric
  7. Annulus

Made out of high quality clear acrylic having a thickness of .125" in.

Recommended curriculum: Geometry with Tangrams and Pattern Blocks (ELC-3042)

Ships with protective paper covering to prevent scratching.