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Test Tube Transfer Activity

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The Test Tube Transfer Activity is the last set in the series of volume conservation. The set is actually designed to help children develop the foundations of understanding measurement. The set comes complete with a full set of scientific apparatus that encourages them to think of measurement challenges, solutions, and implementations. Once again, the ultimate goal is to allow children experimentation, discovery of volume related facts, and ultimately the STEM approach.

Beginning Activity: Find the relationship between the various measurements. Move to a more concrete understanding of measurement.

The set comes complete and ready to put on the shelf. It contains:

    • One test tube Rack
    • One 250 ml flask
    • One test tube brush
    • One transfer pipette
    • One 50 ml test tube
    • One 25 ml test tube
    • One 15 ml test tube
    • One 5 ml test tube
    • One plastic tray
    • One anti-skid liner 

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