Timeline of Life - Adolescent Level

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For use in Secondary Y1 C4: Systems

This is the Timeline of Life version designed for students in Montessori Secondary I Level. It uses the ICS colors provided by the international Commission on Stratigraphy and goes even deeper into the breakdown and identification of the epochs. A more detailed approach in the development of plants, as well as the synapsids and the development of mammals.

We have continued to have our timeline reviewed by our scientific contributors from the Smithsonian Institute and Columbia University. Keeping true to our motto of "Total Montessori", each scientist was handpicked so that in addition to their degrees they also have Montessori credentials. 

This model offers colored lines to designate the various lineages making it easy for children to follow the evolutionary patterns that lead to modern animals. We have even made it easy to spot the Devonian explosion of plant life. Each lineage line is clearly marked along with detailed images that beautifully illustrate the originating events which lead to various evolutionary patterns such as the development of mammals. In addition, all major extinction events are clearly marked, and we have included all the glacial events, beginning with the two major ones that occurred during the Proterozoic Era.

Use this in conjunction with the Tree of Life.

Dimensions: 18 in. x 9 ft. 


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