ETC specializes in resolving complex educational issues through cost-effective workshops/seminars, analysis of needs and management, and applied expertise. Our personnel apply innovative ideas and effective solutions for client projects, and have solid working knowledge of educational practices and the various regulatory approaches for certification and ongoing professional development requirements.


ETC also offers a variety of workshops that are aimed at meeting many of the standard needs that teachers often face in the classroom environment.


ETC invests heavily in an effort to find and retain people with excellent qualifications and high professional standards. Our consultant professionals provide valuable contributions for each client’s educational needs by focusing on practical, balanced solutions.


Montessori philosophy
Child development
Classroom management
Classroom design
Administrative management
Effective implementation of Montessori curriculum

Custom Teacher Workshops are usually scheduled following a free consultation with the school's director. It is important that we understand your needs, goals and focus for your particular workshop.


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