Writing Prompts for Secondary Year 1

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Designed to support the entire Year 1 writing curriculum with appropriate prompts for each cycle.

These 60 writing prompt cards are specifically crafted for Montessori Secondary I classrooms. It is designed to encourage and nurture young writers. Aligned with Year 1 curriculum cycles—from 'Connections' to 'Interdependence'—these cards tackle relevant themes and contemporary issues that resonate with young minds.

Designed to accommodate diverse learning styles. From poetry and journalism to narrative and mystery stories, our cards cover the cycles for the entire year 1. With a plethora of choices and prompts, your students can freely choose assignments that ignite their passion for writing!

Visual & Textual Prompts: The front of each card features an engaging visual prompt designed to spark creativity among visual learners. Flip the card, and you'll find a structured textual guide, perfect for those who thrive on reading, writing, or logical reasoning.

Tailored Learning: Whether your students are visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learners, our cards cater to all learning styles. This ensures that every student in your classroom can connect with the material and excel.

Real-World Relevance: Our cards encourage critical thinking by presenting students with big ideas and current issues that matter.

Flexible & Adaptable: Use them as standalone prompts, integrate them into your existing curriculum, or employ them for group activities.


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