2 Day Math Intensive - Elementary II

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Product Overview

Teacher Workshops, Seminars, and Organizational Coaching

(Dates are arranged based on calendar availability and are agreed between ETC Consulting and the customer. Traveling expenses are calculated and arranged with the host school).

Cost is for a 2 day workshop with a maximum of 15 participants. 

Schools and school districts with more than 15 attending teachers may purchase additional 2 day workshops.

A total of 14 AMS CE credits, or 14 hours of State Continuing PD credits are available to each attendee upon full completion of the workshop.

The following broad topics are examined in length. 

Overview of the concepts presented in the Elementary I math intensive overview. 

Moving out of the four operations and working with decimals, advanced fractions, and pre-algebra. 

Emphasis on how geometry helps develop the logical thinking necessary to move children from concrete operations to formal operations.

Explorations, additional information, examples, analysis, and discussions on how math becomes the language of science.

How to integrate math into the cultural area. Avoiding the common mistake of having students learning math for the sake of learning math. 

Additional emphasis on indirect preparation from the Montessori materials that lead students to the more complex and more abstract representations in the Montessori Curriculum.

Explorations, additional information, examples, analysis, and discussions of why teachers give up the Montessori materials in the Elementary II environment by not using them in a developmentally appropriate way.

Explorations, examples analysis and discussions that lead to a deeper understanding of the higher level complexity involved in working with advanced math presentation.