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Product Overview

197 Pages

This complete manual gives lessons, pictures, and examples of all the content area for the Lower Elementary math curriculum. The manual contains the following content areas:

  • Great Lesson – History of Number 
  • Numeracy 
  • Operations 
  • Facts 
  • Fractions 
  • Introduction to Decimals 
  • Graphing 
  • Money 

This manual explores the beginning math material introduced in the early childhood environment for those teachers of students who may need additional support in beginning math concepts. In addition, this manual includes presentations for the introduction to decimals and beginning sensorial presentations in pre-algebra to assist teachers with students who may have advanced further in their mathematical instruction. This manual is also written with the understanding that some additional lessons are needed to teach graphing and money in the Montessori classroom.

The Montessori Elementary I Math Manual is used by MACTE approved Montessori Teacher training Centers. The manual comes in full color with real pictures of materials and scenes. It is three-hole punched and ready to be placed in a binder.

Why five units minimum?

With the popularity and worldwide acceptance of the ETC Teacher Training Manuals by the professional community, printed manuals are intended to be purchased by educational institutions, school districts and teacher training centers and require a minimum purchase of five units.

Individual teachers who wish to purchase only one copy of the manual may do so by purchasing the digital option. 

Individual program and institutional directors who wish to view sample pages, please contact our office via email or by calling 877-409-2929.

Who can purchase this manual?

  • Teacher Education Programs. We are passionate about Montessori, and our manuals are used by Teacher Education Programs that adhere to certain quality training standards set forth by MACTE, the governing body of Montessori training programs around the world. For this reason, only MACTE approved Teacher Education Centers or training centers that belong to one of the affiliate organizations of MACTE may purchase these manuals. 
  • Universities and colleges that offer a degree in Montessori Education may purchase the manuals, provided the order is from the University's purchasing department.
  • School districts who have their own in-house training program and are working in cooperation with instructors who hold a valid credential from a MACTE approved training center.
  • Individual Schools using a PO. A copy of each full-time teacher's credential must accompany the PO for each requested bundle.
  • Individual teachers may purchase this manual only as a digital file. The purchase is available through ETC Montessori Digital. The purchase of the file may be completed either as an outright purchase or as a digital subscription. Teachers must hold a valid credential from an approved MACTE Teacher Education Center. We will require verification of your credentials prior to shipping the manuals.

Note: If you are interested in integrating ETC Training Manuals into your Montessori teaching practice, please upload verification of your Montessori credential from a MACTE accredited training program. Your order will not be processed unless you upload a copy of your credential.

If you are interested in receiving an AMS Montessori Elementary I/II Credential, please look at our affiliated training program, Gulf Coast Montessori Teacher Education Center.

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