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Ancient Civilization Numeral Bundle

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Ready to put on the shelf. Printed on thick plastic and cut.

Help children see the history behind how ancient civilizations used numbers. See them develop a conceptual knowledge of our current numeral system while at the same time they can explore a variety of base systems used throughout the centuries. This bundle is designed to provide you with everything you need to extend their study of ancient civilizations while at the same expertly incorporating multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary concepts.

The bundle includes the following ancient civilization systems:

  • Hindu Numeral System - Base 10 (ELC-3005)
  • Greek Numeral System - Base 10 (ELC-3006)
  • Egyptian Numeral System - Base 10 (ELC-3007)
  • Babylonian Numeral System - Base 60 (ELC-3008)
  • Mayan Numeral System - Base 20 (ELC-3009)
  • Roman Numeral System - Base 10 (ELC-3011)


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