Cloud Formations 3 Part Cards - Homeschool Edition

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Product Overview

  • Designed with our easy cut system - 5 cuts or less. Requires only 3 cuts.
  • Printed on premium thick card stock. May be used unlaminated or laminated

This set, comprising a total of 7 distinct pictures, offers an illuminating exploration of the skies, showcasing the variety and beauty of cloud formations. Each card is a visual feast, featuring striking images that capture the essence of each cloud type in stunning detail.

This educational toolkit utilizes the Montessori three-part card approach, including a picture card that presents a clear image of each cloud type, a label card with the name of the cloud formation, and a control card that combines both image and name. This methodical layout is engineered to enhance visual recognition, reading skills, and vocabulary expansion, providing a hands-on, interactive way to engage with atmospheric phenomena.

The selection of clouds covered in this set spans from the fluffy, low-altitude cumulus to the wispy, high-altitude cirrus, and the towering presence of cumulonimbus clouds, among others. This range offers learners a broad perspective on the diversity of cloud formations and their significance in weather patterns and predictions.

Engaging with these cards, children will not only learn to identify and name different types of clouds but will also embark on a deeper exploration of the science behind weather and the atmosphere. Realistic photographs serve as a bridge to discussions about how clouds form, what they can tell us about upcoming weather, and their role in the Earth's climate system.


Card Size(s):

Whole Card  4¼ x 5½ in. 10.7 x 13.9 cm.
Part Card 4¼;x 4 in. 10.7 x 10.6 cm.
Label Card 4¼ x 1½ in 10.7 x 3.8 cm.

About our Easy Cut System: These cards have been thoughtfully designed for effortless preparation, ensuring they can be made ready for use with five or fewer simple cuts. This streamlined design allows you to swiftly create a functional and engaging learning tool, minimizing setup time and maximizing your child's educational experience.